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Monday, February 15, 2010


During this Chinese New Year Holiday........
I saw an important articles infront of the police station near my home, it is an articles about 'Geng Pengembaraan Bermula Upin Dan Ipin'.
The storyis about, there is a thing bother and cause trouble at Kampung Durian Runtuh. The villagers disseminate the story about existence of a creature that appal during the midnight, but no one are brave to find out what was the truth. Until Bdrol and his friend Lim and all his new friends suddently involve in the case. A bizarre animal that they did'nt know where it came from, was braid a relationship with Rajoo and brang them to an exploration , far away from the 'hutan hujan Malaysia' that fulls of wild animal, include the giant snake.

Actually I did'nt watch yet this story.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Robinson Crusoe
The main character of the story, he is a rebellious youth with an inexplicable need to travel. Because of this need, he brings misfortune on himself and is left to fend for himself in a primitive land. The novel essentially chronicles his mental and spiritual development as a result of his isolation. He is a contradictory character; at the same time he is practical ingenuity and immature decisiveness.

A friend/servant of Crusoe's, he also escapes from the Moors. A simple youth who is dedicated to Crusoe, he is admirable for his willingness to stand by the narrator. However, he does not think for himself.Fridayanother friend/servant of Crusoe's, he spends a number of years on the island with the main character, who saves him from cannibalistic death.

He is basically Crusoe's protege, a living example of religious justification of the slavery relationship between the two men. His eagerness to be redone in the European image is supposed to convey that this image is indeed the right one.

Crusoe's father
Although he appears only briefly in the beginning, he embodies the theme of the merits of Protestant, middle-class living. It is his teachings from which Crusoe is running, with poor success.

Crusoe's mother
She is the one of the few female figures, she fully supports her husband and will not let Crusoe go on a voyage.

Moorish patron
Crusoe's slave master, he allows for a role reversal of white men as slaves. He apparently is not too swift, however, in that he basically hands Crusoe an escape opportunity.

Portuguese sea captain
One of the kindest figures in the book, he is an honest man who embodies all the Christian ideals. Everyone is supposed to admire him for his extreme generosity to the narrator. He almost takes the place of Crusoe's father.

One of the prisoners saved by Crusoe, it is interesting to note that he is treated with much more respect in Crusoe's mind than any of the colored peoples with whom Crusoe is in contact.

Captured sea captain
He is an ideal soldier, the intersection between civilized European and savage white man. Crusoe's support of his fight reveals that the narrator no longer has purely religious motivations.

She is goodness personified, and keeps Crusoe's money safe for him. She is in some way a foil to his mother, who does not support him at all.

The cannibals from across the way, they represent the threat to Crusoe's religious and moral convictions, as well as his safety. He must conquer them before returning to his own world.

They help Xury and Crusoe when they land on their island, and exist in stark contrast to the savages.

Traitorous crew members
They are an example of white men who do not heed God; they are white savages.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


- It was school holiday and I was very happy
- My family celebrate my youngest brother's birthday
- I and my family go to Cameron Highland to release and relax our mind
- I go to the uniform shop to bougth my BSMM uniform for camping

- Nothing interesting to do, I still happy with my life
- I did all my homework during this holiday
- I go to Kampung Batu, because my uncle did 'Tahlil' for the passed away family
- I go to the mosque for 'sembahyang Jumaat' and I had meet all my old friends
- It is my birthday, we celebrated at Restaurent Satey Kajang


Today is my exiciting day, because it was school holiday after 2 weeks I stay in the hostel. My school, SMK Agama Slim River gave 10 days of school holiday to the students. It is a long period of scholl holiday and i'm still thinking what are my programe during this holiday.
Today is my second's holiday. In the morning, I woke up early and really exciting to do my duty it is tidied my home. On the afternoon, I and my family celebrated my youngest broyher's birthday. We ate some food and bougth a chocolate cake for my youngest brother. He was very happy today.
Early of the morning at 7 a.m, after I ate my breakfast, my mother plan to go to Cameron Highland. She prepares some foods and drinks to bring along the juorney. Me and my siblings was very happy. As we arrived at Cameron Highland, we search for hotels but all the hotels are full, maybe it was Chinese New Year. At Cameron Highland, the wether was cold, so I need to wear my sweter to warm my body. We continue our jurney to the ' Tanah Rata' , we ate our foods at the park near the mosque. We also bougth some vegetables and fruits at the stalls beside the road. We came home at 8 p.m, although we were tired, we were soo happy today.
After I had already finishing joging around my house, it is 9 a.m, my mother make sandwish for breakfast. At 2 p.m, we go out to bougth my BSMM uniform. After half an hour finding the uniform shop, finally we found a uniform shop near Medan Gopeng. There ara many kinds of uniform that selled in yhe shop, there are KRS, Puteri Islam, Kadet Polis, Pengakap (scout), Kadet Bomba and BSMM. The price of the uniform is RM107.00 one set. The price are reasonable and affordable for me to buy.

Today is the fifth day of school holiday. Today is my boring day , because nothing to do, just tidy my home, washes my clothes, watches television and doing my homework. Even though today is a boring and simple day, I still happy with my life.
Today i did all my homework, it is English, Math, Pendikan Islam, Geo and Science. I start did my homework at 8 a.m and finish at 10 p.m. I finish late because at the afternoon i played football with my friends.
My uncle invites my family to go to Kampung Batu for 'kenduri Tahlil'. This Tahlil are for those our family who pass away. We hope they includeing in those people who 'soleh and solehah'.
Is is Friday, as usual all muslim man and boys including me goes to the mosque to 'Sembahyang Jumaat'. This week I go to the Solatiah mosque and I had meet my old friends from my primary school. They all looks different, they all have many pimple. I am soo happy to see them after 1 year 1 month 19 days did'nt see and call them.

At 12 a.m my family wished me went I was slept. It is my happy day. My grandmother cooked for me spaghetti. It was really delicious. At night, we celebrated my birthday at Restaurent Satay Kajang near Jusco and Tesco.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


1. Daily Log
-have done@ plan to do

2. Reflection
-personal toughts

3. Interesting Reading List
-give personal comment

Monday, February 1, 2010


Robinson Crusoe is about a young Englishman who goes to the sea without his parents’s blessing. He has many adventure on both island and sea and learn many thing like trading, navigation, mathematic and farming. A storm at sea leaves him shipwrecked and alone on a deserted island. For the next 28 year ,learn survival skill and by sheer ingenuity and common sense, create a fairly comfortable and secure life for himself. In the process, he learn carpentry, pottery, hunting, boat-building, butter and cheese production and how to make his own clothes from animal hide. One day, he saves Friday, a victim of a cannibal assault and thereafter wins him as a friend for life. They rescue a Spaniard and Friday’s father from cannibal and save an English captain from mutineer’s. After 28 long and desolate year. Robinson Crusoe return to England. He married and has three children and after his wife’s death, he goes sea faring again, visiting island now inhabited by Spanish and English. He also sail to Brazil.